Best wishes everyone on this special day!!

Happy International Mother’s Day to all moms in the world!! We are ever grateful to our moms for their unconditional love, affection, support for us, and for bringing us to this world. They have taught us attitude, courage, motivation to accomplish various things in life, to make it more meaningful, to make it purposeful.

I take this opportunity to show gratitude to my mom for giving me a wonderful life to cherish my aspirations and drive my journey in this world.

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Someone has rightly pointed out — “Out of all rights of a woman, the greatest one is to be a mother.

The world is changing every decade we pass on and different generations bring on different points of view, interventions. However, one aspect that remains intact is the gratitude we show to our near and dear ones and our moms are at the top of that list.

When I was younger and thinking of what to write about my mom, I think of various dimensions and can now understand those are just ounce of few thoughts in the ocean that we can think of and the sky is the limit for that.

We can look at some of our memories with her that we want to remember on this special day, an experience we shared with her, the qualities we love most from her, the perseverance that we have learned from our moms to build foundations in a family, friends, and society by large, a happy memory from the childhood and so on. The list is on and on. I thought of looking at the word “MOTHER” and attempted to give my thoughts to every letter with the word(s) that reflects “The Mom” and convey meaning relating to her.

All letters in the word “MOTHER” is too little to describe, but I would like to put my reflection of this word in every letter as per below:

· M — Magical, Midas touch. Yes, moms are magical and special. They have brought us to this world. I am thankful to my mom for giving me this life to fulfill all my dreams and aspirations.

· O — Open-minded, Obvious. We learn to be open-minded and clear in our attitude and that’s something we inculcate from our mom. She has shown us the value of being transparent in every dealing in life being smart in this world.

· T — Truthful. This is one of the other key traits that I feel we learn from our mom. How can we be truthful and be candid to the rest of the world? How can we make this a better world to live and prosper.

· H — Honest. When we come to this world, it is important, to be honest in our dealings and show our true self of reflection to others. This is something that is in our DNA when we are born and imbibe this from our mom.

· E — Empathy. We learn empathy from the hands of our mom in the journey in our life. Who else other than our mom can be an example of this?

· R — Recognition, Regard, and Respect. These R cube words are critical that we learn from our moms which is a true reflection of gratitude to everyone in our dealings.

During this time of the pandemic, I pray to God that all of us stay safe, stay at home, and hope all of us will get out of this pandemic at the earliest in my country and across the globe.

Best wishes again to my mom and all moms across the globe on this eve!! Stay blessed and stay happy.

Happy to learn new things, work towards a goal driven outcomes leveraging continuous learning!!