Art is a way to Relax…

Innovative way to express Art and Science as part of relaxation

This is my first post here on medium and I am excited to share with you all about the theme around relaxation with the help of art, innovation and creative thinking.

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

Introduction: Why is relaxation important?

Scientifically, relaxation helps to increase blood circulation throughout our body and calm down our mind. A calm mind results in positive thinking, concentration, decision making and keeps us tension free. We also feel energetic and charge up to do more work. We relax in different ways such as going out, visiting places, working out in gym, playing, sleeping, art and drawing etc.

The below representation illustrates the novel thinking of my doodle art expressions in a pictorial form.

Akshita’s Doodle Art for Relaxation

Relaxation through art:
Performing art, shows our creativity and is a medium to live a stress free and tension free life. We can also express our feelings through art. In other words, it is called art therapy. Many hospitals, mental health clinics and wellness centers use art therapy to treat their patients. For kids, art is a way to express themselves. For toddlers, simply scribbling on a surface is also art for them.
I personally draw something to express my idea and feel relaxed, when I see a sketch on a piece of paper. I draw different sceneries, festivals, portraits whenever I get some time. Today is Sunday and I thought of sketching a doodle art to express my relaxed mood over a weekend.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

Happy weekend and stay safe !!

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